Thursday, November 26, 2009

Link to some free Christmas patterns

Looking for free Christmas craft patterns? This snowman ornie that I made came from a freebie pattern at North Pole Christmas. There's all kinds of free patterns at this site, so it's worth a click over there to check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday, Rachel and I made some pies to take to my parent's house today. We made French apple pie and pumpkin pie. I taught Rachel how to make a decorative crust with fork imprints.

I got the kids to go through our stack of old videos and DVDs yesterday. I don't know why we were hanging on to some of them, but it was time to sort and toss. I tried to divide them up into categories and listed some on Ebay, just to see what happens. I usually don't sell items other than my crafts, but it's worth a try. If they don't sell, then it's a trip to the Goodwill Store to donate them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!