Sunday, November 1, 2009

HaPPy HaLLoWeeN!

I've found a new place to hang the bunny painting. It's the upstairs hallway. I took down a sampler that I had stitched years ago, and will move that to the dining room. It's a pattern from a historical sampler, and has LOTS of stitches in it. I don't like the frame that it's in, so I think that will on the list for painting and staining. Blue would be an obvious choice for color, but I'm leaning towards a tan or brown.

This chubby squirrel has finally chewed his way through the entire pumpkin! Yesterday there were 3 squirrels all fighting to get to the inside of the pumpkin and it's prized seeds. They managed (in between their fights) to clean out the entire inside of the pumpkin. I'm wondering if they will touch the 2 pumpkins sitting on the front step. It might be a little too close to the door for their comfort, but you never know!

Here's James all set to go trick or treating. He went out for quite a while, and got a ton of candy. Much of the candy disappeared last night, as he didn't like some of it and gave it away.

Rachel is on the left. She had a couple friend come over to trick or treat, then have pizza and hang out. Everyone thought she was Hannah Montana, but she was dressed as a Barbie doll (too cold to wear a dress, so she wore jeans). Matt helped me hand out candy. We didn't have as many kids as in previous years. I think the kids are getting too old, and not as many new littler kids. So, those that came got more candy!
It's now November, so time to switch the clocks back. I'll be goofed up all week with the time change. It's also my parent's 51st anniversary! Happy Anniversary to them!

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