Monday, November 30, 2009

Go Trojans!!!

This past Saturday, our high school football team won the state championship game! My kids don't go there until next year, but we watched the game on tv. It was kinda fun to look for those people we knew in the stands. Lots of people drove downstate for the game, and it was worth the drive. I took Rachel to the celebration rally at the high school on Sunday afternoon. The more visits to her new school, the better. She even got a new t-shirt from me. It is her first "official" Cary Grove t-shirt. Of course, she had to wear it to school today.

The back of the t-shirt has all the scores of the games this season - undefeated! She now wants me to order the sweatshirts when the order form comes out. I think she's stocking up for high school. :) There's not a lot of school spirit for the jr high. Maybe because it's only 7-8 grade (some jr highs are 6-8). By the time December of 8th grade rolls around, they are already talking transitioning to high school, which leave jr high in the dust. So, I'm more than happy to start the stack of navy and white (school colors) apparel.

It was back to school and work today. Only 3 more weeks of school until we get 2 weeks off for Christmas. I think it will be a steady increase in excitement, which means a noisy lunchroom. Then if it snows this week, even flurries, that will get the kids REALLY into the Christmas mood!

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