Monday, November 17, 2008


As I was leaving to pick up James from school today, it began snowing! *~***~**. It didn't stick to the driveway or sidewalks, but it did stick to the roof.

When I got to school, it was snowing even harder. James thought it was a blizzard. He would be happy with a blizzard, as he loves playing in the snow for hours. His Christmas list includes a snow block maker, a snow ball maker, a ski mask, and ski goggles (so he can play in the yard without getting snow in his eyes). I need to find a store that has these items. Maybe a trip to Cabelas, as they sent a coupon for $10 off anything. Matt wants to go to Cabelas to browse. He thinks the store is really cool (and he's the one who doesn't shoot or enjoy the outdoors. But the store has "features").

Got home, and enough snow to cover the pumpkins. The one is looking pretty yucky on the bottom. The day after Thanksgiving, it's outta here.

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