Saturday, November 8, 2008

Legos and Leftovers

Legos. James is a boy of few words, but MANY (and I do mean MANY) Legos. Here's a ship he built this past week. Of course, there are many Legos on his Christmas list. He really likes the big sets (also big $), but that is what he loves and can build himself. I think we need to build an addition just to have a room for building and storing his sets.

I have left overs (but not too many) from the craft fair. The last day of the fair was Friday, but it wasn't as busy as the previous Saturday. Since it was the first time she has opened her shed barn, it's difficult to know what to expect. I now am in the process of getting some listings ready for ebay tomorrow evening. I only have 1 pillow left, but 3 candle mats, some bowl fillers, and stockings. The stockings aren't prim, so I'm not sure how they'll sell on ebay. I might try putting them under a different category, like crafts/handmade holiday items, to see what happens.

This coming week I don't have as many jobs lined up (childcare, lunch lady at school). I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done, as I know the following week, I have jobs lined up each day. It's finally cold out, so it's easier to think about shopping. We saw some snow flurries yesterday, but nothing was sticking to the ground (unlike South Dakota that got dumped with a blizzard). Maybe I'll stitch up some snowmen crafts this week.

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