Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow doll

A week off of school for the kids. The boys had a friend over in the morning, who brought along Guitar Hero World Tour. Andrew sat and played for several hours. This is the kid (oops, teenager) who's theme song is "Start a Band" by Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. (at least I have him listening to Keith - some DECENT music)
I left them to play and did childcare at a church this morning. Came home and did an hour of phone calling for my marketing job in the afternoon. Took Rachel shopping for a new t-shirt at Kohls, and I bought one , too. Bought some pies for Thanksgiving at Jewel tonight. Thought I would beat the crowds that will be at the store tomorrow.

Now it's to list a couple candle mats and a snowman doll on ebay tonight. Isn't he cute?

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