Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flowers anyone?

It was finally time to get rid of the flowers outside this week. Even the ones that are protected by the house got hit with hard freezes. So, put away the terra cotta pots until next spring. I did leave out the pumpkins until Thanksgiving.

I only worked on Tuesday this week. My Bible study on Wednesday was even canceled. So, I had lots of extra time on my hands. I used it to do a LOT of Christmas shopping. I can't share the details (my kids read this) or take photos, but it's only over a month until Christmas. My goal is to be done by Thanksgiving this year. Last year I went out on Black Friday. This year I want to stay home in my nice warm bed and not wait in line to get into a store, and then have to wait to check out. Seems like many of the stores are offering deals early to entice shoppers to buy this year. There are way too many empty store fronts around here, and it's only going to get worse. Circuit City will be closing, Linens and Things will be closing, the old Walmart has been closed (waiting to Penneys to renovate and open), Garden Fresh Market is closed, and even Deals (a dollar store) closed. The only store expanding is Hobby Lobby. They have a grand re-opening in another week or so. Anyone else going to to finished by Thanksgiving?

Got a few new items to list on ebay this week. A couple snowman candle mats and a snowman pillow.

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