Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sheep and strolls

 I took some better photos of my folk art sheep. Getting in natural light, and then adding some other colors (brick, bush, mulch, etc) seems to really bring out the colors of the photo.

It will be listed in Ebay Sunday evening. :)  I like it so much, that I'm having second thoughts of selling it.

Today Rachel and I went on a Saturday stroll in search of a bald eagle. We've had some places mapped out where others have spotted them. So, off we went. Funny that there was an article in the local paper today about another bald eagle nest further up the river.

 We didn't spot any eagles, but did see and hear other birds. I'm not a bird watcher, and don't know many varieties, but this is a heron. Had fun watching him catch a fish and eating it. I need to get a better camera to get the close ups without being blurry.

 Another heron in the algae covered cove.

Another pretty spot of the river. There's a nice paved bike trail that runs along this part. Although we didn't spot any eagles, we'll be back to try again. One person said he spotted the eagle this morning, so I know it hangs around the area. It was fun to discover a scenic part of our area that I hadn't been to before.

I'm off to put another coat of paint on the table legs. As soon as I'm done with that project, I'll post some photos.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Pendleton Primitives said...

The wash board is darling. I've not seen one like it before.

adailydoseoffiber said...

I hope you charge A LOT for it. It is very cute!!!