Saturday, June 2, 2012

School's Out ~ time to get to work!

 School is officially out for the summer. So, I now have to get to work on all my household projects. I didn't like how this last piece of scarlet red wool turned out. A few too many areas that didn't get enough dye. So, I put it back into the dye pot with a little more dye.

 This is the result. It's still mottled, but more evenly covered.

 I took out my new snowman rug and my big box of leftover worms. I found some great wool for the snowmen faces and the ground snow.  I think the faces will be the very light greyish/blue mottled wool. For the ground, I'll mix the rest of that with an off white and very light plaid wool. I'm hoping I have enough.

 The blue is for a snowman jacket.I'll have to dye some buttery yellow for some other parts.

 The tan/brown will be for the snowman pants and dress.

 The trees are large. I really liked the example with various combinations of greens. I found a couple plaids at a store yesterday. I might order another wool to coordinate. I've had them in sunlight, and they do go together, it's just the flash that changes the colors. I could always marry the colors to get them in the same family.

The background will be various darks. I love the dark reversible stripe. It gives the dark, as well as lighter grey with green. I also have some chocolate mocha wool and a dark olive green plaid I found yesterday. (much darker in person) . I might change a the chocolate mocha to another wool, but am still in the thinking stage. Maybe a few rows of experimenting will help.

I'm off to start some summer cleaning!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Glad you're out of school and off to fun projects. I have until the 13th...then done! Yippee! I love watching your color planning. Can't wait to see the progress.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

The red turned out wonderful!

Kim said...

The red wool is beautiful. So deep and rich.