Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's on my frame?

What's on my frame? Still the snowmen. I started the other snowmen, and now the ground. I'm not sure of what red I will use for the scarfs, so I just filled in the scarf fringe with some scraps for now. I want to finish the snow covered ground next. I'm hooking it in a combination of off white, a mottled grey/white, a grey plaid, and a darker plaid.

I also have a couple vintage washboards that I've had for the past year. I would like to hook a small piece or attach a punch needle piece to the top. Now that it's summer and I'm not working as much, it's time to make and sell a few items. (plus search for a new job)

Yesterday we attempted geocaching. James wants to do the geocaching merit badge for Scouts. We tried to find a couple caches, but were unsuccessful. I think part of the problem is not using our GPS correctly. (I'm new to the GPS stuff) I don't know if our car GPS will sufficiently work for geocaching or not. Next time we'll bring Rachel's iPod Touch, and use that as well for searching. But, while searching, we saved a turtle that was crossing the road. We stopped the car, and the boys made sure the turtle was safely off the road ~ but not before the turtle peed!  (ok,  maybe part of it was water) 

~*~ Laura ~*~


Michele said...

We're big into geocaching here...it's what has made the long drives to the grandparents more fun over the years. Once you find your first one (start with the easiest) you'll have an 'aha!' moment with how it works.

Can't wait to see all your projects! =0)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Hee hee. Well, at least they were boys. Girls would have screamed and probably dropped the turtle. :) I want to try geocaching as well. I've encouraged by Boy Scout to earn the merit badge, but he is being fussy about what badges he works toward and only seems to want to do the Eagle required ones while I want him to be a well-rounded scout, lol. We still have a few more years to see who wins this battle. :)

Anonymous said...

The snow people look wonderful! You are making great progress. Hope to see you at F&FF. I will be there on Saturday.