Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday happenings

 I've been slowly working on my old snowman rug. I finished hooking the snowman, just need to decide on a background. The original pattern had a red background. I'm thinking either brick/barn red, or maybe a smokey blue/grey. I don't have any wool in either of the exact colors, so I just started on a small section of the new snowman rug.  :)

Tonight we saw a raccoon in our backyard ~ before it was totally dark. We watched, and it's a mom with 4 babies. They are cute, but coons can be so destructive. I really hope they leave ~ soon.

It sure doesn't feel like summer vacation to me. I've been cleaning, washing walls, curtains, blinds, and cleaning carpets. Still a lot more to do. I want to finish all the deep cleaning by the end of next week. Then I'll be working for summer school during the mornings. I want my afternoons free to do other stuff - like hooking, punch needle, etc. This summer I need to make some Christmas ornaments. Last year I did a mouse in a mitten pattern by Country Stitches. I need to find another cute pattern to make a few dozen of.  (anyone done any they can recommend?)

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Kim said...

The raccoons are cute, but I hope they relocate soon. They can be mean little guys!
The snowman rug is sweet. Whatever background you choose will look great!