Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finishes

Here's my first finished rug hooking project. It's a small 8x8 rug. Once I blocked it, it really started to lay flat and get a nice finished appearance. (oops the photo is sideways!)

I've also been working on a table runner this week. I need to sew the backing and the hearts on. This project is for me. I think it would look nice on my living room coffee table, which is an antique cedar chest. It's a little late for Valentine's Day, but I could say I'm working ahead for next year!
I received a rug hooking pattern that I ordered. It's a smaller mat size, and simple enough for beginners. Plus, I think I have enough wool colors to complete it. The pattern is drawn on monks cloth, so I'll try hooking on that and compare it to burlap.

I will also be working on another table runner. I saw the pattern in the quilt shop when I was taking the rug hooking class. I need to get the pattern enlarged, so that the runner will fit on the dining room table. I'm thinking a black background with a lighter tan basket. I'll have to see what I have in my laundry basket of wool. I'm hoping I have enough thrift store black to do the background. I keep trying to buy wool skirts/pants when I see them at my local thrift store. After some trial and error, I'm getting pretty good at picking out which wools will felt up nicely. I just wish I could find more plaids at dirt cheap prices. They are tough to find.

This afternoon, I saw the 2 guys on the deck. Had to get at least one photo. They got really mad when we tried to chase them out of the deck. So..... off to Ace Hardware to get a trap. Tomorrow I'll spread peanut butter on the trap lever, and leave it out. I'm sure it will be easy to catch one. I just need to find a place to let it go ~ somewhere FAR away from here. I don't want them back and chewing through the screens again.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Your rug/mat came out nicely! You are busy, busy with the table runners. I like wool applique! I look for the black skirts as well. I do have some luck with the plaids at my Salvation Army, but sometimes you can pay up to $8 for one if it isn't marked down. I look for the grays now, to over dye them. The squirrels seem to have dug right in, haven't they. Poor you! Hope you can catch them and send them packing!
Happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

The mat looks great! Doesn't blocking make a difference? I like your new project is very sweet. How big is it? Funny you chose that wool applique pattern! PG is going to have that as a summer class and I am dyeing some wool for them. (A bit nervous about that) Also cute!