Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ebay dilemma

I've been quiet this week, as I haven't worked on anything. I've picked up a few extra hours being a substitute bus aide at school, so I'm not home as much. I have been working on a program/souvenier booklet for the Cub Scout blue and gold banquet, which is next week.

I do have a couple listings on Ebay that are expiring today. Once in a while I browse through other punch pieces that are listed. I love seeing what others are creating and admire their work. But, a couple listings caught my eye, simply because they looked really similar to things I had done. Not just copying patterns, but variations, and one original. This seller hasn't quite spelled out that they punched the piece, but they have tons of items listed. I know it would be impossible to finish that many items, even if you craft for 8 hours a day. One listing has already disappeared or was a buy it now (I don't remember). One listing is still there. Do I send a note to the seller to give me credit for it? Anyone else see their items, too?

~*~ Laura ~*~

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dee begg said...

Are you saying that she is reselling your items? Or did she use your patterns? If she bought your items, I would say she is free to resell them if she wants to. As long as she's not claiming to make them. If she's using your patterns, unless your copyright agreement says that she has to give credit, then no too...although it would be nice if she did.