Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Beaver

I spent this weekend working on some wool applique projects. I did a lot of stitching ~ working busily as a beaver! This one was from a graphic by Robin at Bird in the Hand Primitives. I added some wool tongues for a mini penny rug.

Now that I'm in the spring mindset, I made some wool applique candle mats. The green on the bunny one and the yellow on the chick one are some wool that I hand dyed. I"m hoping to get these on Ebay tomorrow.

While I was stitching, I finished the Valentine sheep penny runner. (ok, I haven't put away the Valentine stuff yet.) Right now it's on our living room coffee table, which is an antique cedar chest. (yep, it's covered in remotes and toys) I think I'll leave it out for a while to enjoy it, then put it away for next year.

I started on my next project ~ a small (8 x 13) hooked rug. For now, I'm using an Olfa cutter to cut the strips into 1/2", then cut then cut then by hand in half to create 1/4" strips. This rug is drawn on monk's cloth. The first one I did was on burlap, which didn't have a lot of give to the fabric. I'm finding the monk's cloth easier to work with. It's softer, plus, the fibers move and it's easy to slide the wool strips through the holes. Because I'm not fighting the tight burlap, the hooking is going quicker. :-)

I caught one squirrel this week. I took it for a drive, and it's been relocated to the other side of town in a conservation area. I'm hoping to get the other one, if it would cooperate and go after the peanut butter in the trap. Then I can clean out the next they were building, and repair the screens.

I'm off to cut more wool strips as I work on the rug!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love all the applique. I'm glad you've caught one squirrel, anyway!! What a job! Good luck with the remaining one.

Michele said...

You didn't drop the squirrel off with Mike? =0)

I LOVE those little cute!!

Diana said...

Love the chickie candle mat!