Friday, February 18, 2011

It's war!

I've declared war! No, against my family, but a squirrel that is trying to build a nest on our screened deck. Last summer there were some tears in a couple screens, but in attempts to get great fox photos (remember the fox family last summer?), I didn't repair the screens. So, now that the weather is warmer, the squirrels are busy. Duck tape fixes everything, so out came the duck tape. And a little blue painters tape, too.

Here's where the squirrel was attempting to bring in grass to build the nest- at the top corner. We'll see if my duck tape will fix the problem.

A couple projects I've been working on. It's the Cub Scout blue and gold banquet on Sunday. I created a program/booklet with photos of the past year's activities. Makes a nice keepsake for the boys. I also was busy cutting paper for place cards.

I have my next rug hooking class tomorrow afternoon. It's for binding/finishing the rug. I couldn't find an exact match of yarn, so I opted for a yarn to match the heart. I'm not concerned on this rug, as it's more of a learning how to put it together project. I did order a pattern for my next rug. It's a small oval with a saltbox house on it. I liked the design, plus, I already have the colors of wool to complete it. I can't wait to get it in the mail!

Have a great weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Your little rug is lovely. I like the yellow colors in it. I was just looking at your selling page and saw your beautiful crocheted blankets. Wow! You do great work. I wish I knew of a newborn arriving...I'd scoop one up!

Patty Sumner said...

I hope the tape works to keep out your little visitor. I love the rug and creative invitation. Blessings!

Michele said...

Where did all the snow go?

We had a horrible squirrel problem in our old house...they sure are cute but annoying! I'm hoping your foxes are back!!

Teri said...

I just love the little pattern on your first rug, is it your pattern. If so I would love to use it purchase it. Let me know. BTW, I'm just learning too, and yours looks great!