Thursday, February 24, 2011

The war continues

This is one of the squirrels that's currently trying to build a nest on our screened deck. I caught him/her running away to a neighbor's tree. I tried stapling more screen material to the area, but the stupid squirrels chewed through the new screen and brought in more grass for their nest. I've caught 2 of them ~ I'm thinking male/female. I certainly don't want baby squirrels on the deck. Next step is to live trap them and take them for a drive. Now to round up a trap this weekend.....

Last Sunday was the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet. It was held at a local banquet hall (they clean up the mess!) The entertainment was a Native American storyteller. He brought in hides for the kids to sit on, and lots of artifacts. I was amazed at how quietly all the kids sat and listened. They really enjoyed listening to him. The totem poles were a painting project the boys did before the banquet. It's milk jugs painted and put on poles for display. Made for a nice photo op!
My youngest, James (2nd from the left) crossed over from Cub Scout to Boy Scouts. Why can't he just stay little??

I finished my rug, and will get a photo tomorrow (hopefully). I'm just a little behind on uploading photos and videos ~ and trying to figure out how to remove the squirrels!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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dee begg said...


I remember those cub scout days. I was one of the leaders when my middle son was in and the Blue & Gold was always so much fun. The boys always loved the entertainment and would sit quietly through the performance. It always amazed us that they would cause any other time it could be pure chaos with a group of young boys.

And yes, they do grow up so fast. Josh had gone onto boy scouts and he became an Eagle Scout. How he's looking to join the police academy.