Sunday, September 13, 2009

A week in review

I've been behind, even though the kids are back to school. I did manage to get this punch needle done this week. I attached it to a vintage grater for fall decorating. It will be on Ebay later tonight.

I have some photos of the family birthday party last weekend for Andrew, Matt and Rachel. Above is Andrew (trying to be cool).

Matt is happy with a Nintendo DS game that he got from Grandma and Grandpa.

Rachel loved a CD from Aunt Cheryl. Below is Aunt Cheryl and Kate.

We've decided to get rid of the slide in our backyard, since no one uses it. It was just collecting spider webs and earwigs, so it was time to say goodbye. Matt and Rachel took it apart and washed the spiders off of it.

All the pieces were washed and a lot cleaner. We found a new home for it, all the way next door. (the corner in the shade) Their 2 girls used it more than my kids, so we just gave it to them. (gee, we had the slide since Andrew, Matt and Rachel were just under 3, when I found it at a garage sale) Now to buy some sod to fill in the dirt hole from under the slide.

Putting the sod down is the easy part. Keeping the grass alive is another story. Something has been digging in the backyard ~ maybe a skunk or possum~ and looking for grubs. So, we have tons of holes that have killed the lawn. I just put down another round of bug/grub killer, and even watered it in this afternoon (and I NEVER water the lawn). Hopefully that will do the trick, so that I can re-seed that section.

I don't watch football, so it will be an evening of working on more candle mats. Then to start another punch project that I have transfered to fabric. :)

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