Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mats n Vines

I've been busy finishing more candle mats. I still have to iron these out, but they are all set and aged. I don't know how many will go to a store that has been buying from me. Anything that doesn't go to the store, will be listed on Ebay. I did start another punch needle fall project this week - I just need more time during the day to work on it!

I bought some grapevine garland and put it on our deck. I only purchased one garland, just to test it out. I soaked it overnight in water to soften it up a bit, then wrapped it with some wire and hung it up. I now need to do the other side of the deck, and arrange how it hangs from the wreath. Since it's outside, I can't put anything like pip berries that would be affected by the weather. Snow even comes in the screens in the winter! (I don't want to think about snow quite yet) I might slowly add some greenery (if it's not too fake looking), or even some lights.

James loves to read Star Wars books, especially in our bedroom. I look at the white walls in the photo, and think I would love to add some color to the walls. There is a stenciled border, but the white is looking rather plain. One of these years I might get around to painting again, but the living room needs it before my bedroom. But the LR leads to the DR, kitchen, hallway, foyer, and lower level hall. Just too overwhelming to think about that project! I think I'll head off to work for now! :)

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