Saturday, September 26, 2009

Making a hornbook

I want to try something different for finished the Halloween punch needle. I had a scrap of wood, and a jigsaw that was only used once. So..... I got brave and made pattern to cut. Matt tried first, but accidently cut off the handle. I tried, and I actually did it! I usually don't use power tools, but this might change ( I still will never use Super Glue). I think I'll show Matt how to cut the hornbook, so that he will be able to help me in the future. (ok, he might want a portion of the profits of items I sell on Ebay!)

I first slopped on the orange paint - and not too neatly. I then put a coat of beige paint, but leaving the orange showing. It looks sloppy, but no one is going to see it. It helps give it that prim look once the edges are sanded off. These base colors are what is going to peek through the top coat of paint.

I painted the top coat in black to go with the black border of the punch needle (no photos of that until tomorrow). I sanded off the edges, and rubbed in some brown stain to darken the edges, and base coat paint. I really like how this one is turning out! Just a hint of orange and beige show on the corners. Now for it to dry overnight so that I can attach the punch needle to it. I'm hoping to list this on Ebay tomorrow evening ~ if I can get it done!