Friday, September 25, 2009

Another fall punch project in progress

I finally started another punch project for fall. I'm doing the background in a mix of beige and grey for a darker look. I love to experiment with different shades/colors on the backgrounds. On some, I've combined 3 different shades in different amounts, and others I've used 2 shades of a similar color. Since it's Friday, (no homework to help with) I'll see how far I can get on it tonight while listening to the Cubs game. Seems like I run out of time during the week for crafting. Between driving kids to school, work, grocery shopping, cooking, making lunches, doctor appointments (only 12 this month), and homework, it leaves no extra time.

I did get the second grapevine garland up on the deck yesterday. It's hard to get a good photo, but I do like the effect of having something to add some interest to the deck. At least the grapevine will withstand the elements outside.

I have no big plans this weekend - yipee! Just time to relax, and maybe... clean the house. Then again, maybe I'll skip cleaning the house!

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