Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We stayed home last night. Some homemade pizza for New Years was requested, so we made individual pizzas for dinner. I'll have to make them again, as no one complained that "it's just cheese" "there's pepperoni on MY slice" "yuck, bacon". Everyone could create their own toppings - even James' without hardly any cheese.

This morning Matt wanted to buy a Nintendo DS. He's been saving all his money for a long time, and dreaming about a DS. (he had an old Game Boy Advance - no flip screen). So, he took his pile of money and......

This is what he came home with! He wanted the cobalt blue, but all the stores were out of them. He also liked the silver, so opted for that. It was the last one at Toys R Us. He's now going to save for some games.

I've started some Valentine crafts today. I have some gingerbread and snowmen cut and sewn. I will be adding some vintage quilt hearts on them to make them Valentine-y. I still have the next 3 days without much to do, so hopefully I'll get them done to list on Sunday on ebay.

Rachel has an eye dr appt Friday afternoon to see if she can get contacts in and out (before we order them). She's motivated, so hopefully she'll do it!

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