Sunday, January 25, 2009

Showing off

Look what I finished on Friday! I made these snowman (one is a girl with a pink bow) bowl fillers.
I also made this St. Patricks' Day pillow. Both items are currently listed on Ebay.
I managed to complete these projects Friday while the plumber was here. We ended up having to replace the water heater with a new one. Isn't it beautiful?

Had to have the drain in the laundry room floor rodded out since that was backed up while trying to drain the hot water. I have to show off the clear drain!
Just look at the beautiful emergency shut off valve that was just installed. Since the other shut off valves were so corroded, including the old emergency valves, had to have a new one installed. We can now shut the hot water off on Andrew's and Matt's showers! :)
While we were at it, I have to show off the new insides of the toilet that keep running. Also a new kitchen faucet, since the old one was leaking and corroded. Now that we've spent a ton of $$$$, it was off to:

the Pinewood Derby for James on Saturday. He didn't win, so he was disappointed (Andrew and Matt had previously won and James has to keep up with them). But he did get a small trophy.

Now it's back to school on Monday. Maybe they will have an full week of school without any days off!

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