Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bowl fillers!

I just finished a couple sets of primitive carrot bowl fillers - just ready for spring. Unfortunately, it's not spring around here. Yesterday we got about a foot of snow. Tomorrow were suppose to get more. Our snow blowers are getting a good workout again this year.

After church today, I went grocery shopping (along with everyone else who didn't go out yesterday). I then took Andrew to Kohls. He wanted a green, as in bright green, t-shirt with the Mountain Dew logo. He only wears dark colors, so I'll have to get a photo of him wearing something other than grey or black. He also found a Tony Hawk hoodie. I used a $10 off coupon that I got last time I was in Kohls. They will be remodeling our store, and were giving out $10 coupons to attract business during the mess.

It's now off to pack lunches for tomorrow.

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