Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sneak Peak

 I started the binding - finally - on my snowman rug. I'm going to use my left over wool worms, and use the wool fabric around cording. I started it after Thanksgiving while traveling downstate. Our high school football team made it to the state championships, so the marching band went for half time. That meant my son got to go. I went to watch him march. It's a much bigger stadium at a Big 10 school than our small local high school stadium. It's a great view to be up high. I got to see the band formations clearly. the 1 C-G was perfect!

 Their half time show was great! From the first note, it was loud and clear. We had twice the amount of band members (maybe more) than the opposing high school.

 We lost the game, but it was well played by both sides. We were glad we had the afternoon timeslot, as we got a little bit of sun. It sure was cold!

This week I took down the fall berry rings on my chandelier. I don't have any Christmas ones, so I quickly made some plain white pip berry rings. I had a long string of pip berries sitting in storage, so I untwisted them and tied 3 bunches into a ring for each candle. 

I've been busily punching a new pattern I made. It's a larger 7x7 piece. This is a sneak peak. I started punching in my Morgan hoop stand, but then switched to my smaller K's Creation rug hooking frame. The gripper strips really hold the weavers cloth drum tight. I just need to get some cheap stretchy headbands to cover the edges. I don't like getting scratched from the points that stick out. Ouch!

It's hard to get into the Christmas mood, as it was a balmy 62 degrees this afternoon. My daughter took out her flip flops because she thought it was so warm. I know snow will come soon enough, but I'll just block it out of my mind for a while!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Glad the band did so well. Love the snow ornies they are so cute!!!! Your rug is looking great and the punchneedle is wonderful!