Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dark Sky

The snow is finished. It's white and bits of light silver - all DMC. The background is a Valdani 3 strand thread. Now that I've gotten this far, I'm thinking the sky is a bit too dark. I wanted more of a mottled/color variation for it. The dark blue is getting lost in the black. So.... back to the drawing board. I do have a couple balls of a different Valdani to try. More of a black and grey, which will give a mottled effect.

While debating on the color scheme for the sky, I transferred the rug pattern to linen this morning.

This is the color scheme Maggie Bonanomi has in her book. I want to do something different, but don't know exactly what. Part of me just wants to start with some wool that I have and just play around and see what happens. Another part of me wants to color plan ahead of time. But, how many hookers color plan, and still change sections as they go along? I'll see what I end up doing. :)  

~*~ Laura ~*~


Ann said...

Oh, ripping out and changing colors - my big stumbling block. I am NOT good at redoing - whatever item I made a mistake on usually sits in my work basket for months before I tackle it. Can't wait to see your revision. The rug you are going to start is beautiful - love Maggie patterns. ~Ann

Kellie from Indiana said...

Maybe a lighter blue and grey for the sky? It looks very nice. The new pattern looks like it will be a beauty, can't wait to see it.