Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picks and Parades

I did a little shopping this past weekend at my local quilt shop. I found the wool in the background, which will work for a roof on my next project. I also found this silver nut pick. I'm going to try it out when I'm rug punching. I don't know what tool to use to push the wool ends to the other side. I would think scissors might accidently cut the wool. I don't have any prody tools, so this will do (I think!).
I found these 2 wool skirts at a local thrift store. The black plaid is 50% wool and 50% lambs wool. I can't wait to see how it will wash up! The green has lots of flecks, and will work well for grass. It was almost a long skirt, so lots of wool for cheap.

Today was the annual Merry Cary Parade in our town. I went to see Matt in the marching band.

At the end of parade, Santa always makes an appearance. In the downtown part of town they have sleigh rides, a petting zoo, and a couple kiddie rides. My kids have outgrown the kiddie rides, but I saw a couple kids from school in the parade that must have had a good time.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Anonymous said...

I see you found some darks. Let me know if I can "supplement"!