Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost finished

Almost finished! Last night I finished hooking this small rug (approx 14" x 12"). I steamed it, and it just needs some binding. I did end up putting in my initials in the corners for something fun. Maybe I should use some fabric transfer paper and make some rug labels, but that's another project. I even thought I should keep a record of what I used for each rug. I might be a good reminder of colors, and how certain wools/colors change when hooked. I did learn that the green in this rug is darker than the original plaid. I thought more of the lighter values would pop out, but I still like the overall effect.

While my saltbox rug was drying, I started re-hooking the blues in the floral rug. I like this blue a lot more (although the other blue was very pretty, too, but just not the shade I was looking for). I'm still debating on the background and what to do. I have seen some other wools that are a mottles/spot dyed. I wish I could test them out. Hey, that might a whole other concept of selling wool: see the entire wool piece, then see how it looks when hooked in a rug. =)

I'm even thinking ahead to another project that could use the brown/tan wools..... I found an adorable rabbit rug pattern. Not springy or Eastery, just plain folk art. I could get it in either monks cloth or linen. I've only hooked with burlap and monks cloth. Should I go for the linen on this next one? It might be fun to try, especially when I get my Christmas gift that I ordered. I didn't get in in time for Christmas, but I'm waiting for a new lap frame! (been using a Morgan hoop, and need to get an upgrade). I'm hoping the UPS guy brings it to me quickly!

Chuck, our pet turtle, has been getting lots of attention while everyone is home on break. Chuck even got some Christmas gifts: a water mister, new mulch, and some hay. He's one lucky turtle!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Anonymous said...

There are places where you can see the wool hooked as well as what it looks like on the bolt. Unfortunately they are stores.... I am not sure if anyone puts pictures of hooked wool on their websites. You have been a busy bee! I am so looking forward to hooking when I get my %&*$ quilt show hung.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your rug turned out just will love the new frame!

flutterbygone's said...

You make me want to try rug hooking so badly!!!