Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget Bathroom Makeover

I'm finally able to post a few photos of my budget bathroom makeover. It's a small bathroom on our lower level. Because it's so small, it's hard to get photos. But I tried to take a few. This is the back wall (photo taken to reflect off the sink mirror). I have a simple peg rack that I painted white. It's behind the door, so it hides the towels, and there's just enough room so that the door doesn't hit the peg rack when it's opened.

I painted the walls light blue. The walls were originally off white, so it's a big change to see a color on the walls. (primer is left over from painting my parents bathroom. ceiling paint is left over, too. blue paint is Ace Royal at $25.99. There will be enough to paint the upstairs bath in the same color)I still need to take this old medicine cabinet off and spray paint it. The bottom is worn/rusty, but a coat of spray paint will fix it.
The new brushed nickel light fixture. Same wattage as the old hollywood light bar, but it's brighter. It was a whopping $29.87.

A new toilet seat with brushed nickel hinges for $17.88. We've previously purchased the cheap ones for $5-10, but they didn't last and looked horrible. I'm hoping the next level up will last a little longer. I already had the brushed nickel handles for the cabinets. I just needed paint. I did use a pricey Benjamin Moore for Metal and Wood for $25 a quart. I wanted something substantial since this room has a lot of moisture. (yes, it does have a new fan, but we have one teen who uses this room and hogs all the hot water!)

While painting the ceiling, I had to take down the vent cover. The old one was rusty. I could have spray painted it white, but on the back side, it had some stick on foam that had disintegrated and made it really gross. So, for $ 5.89, I got a new one. This over the toilet cabinet was a freebie from a neighbor who re-did their bathroom. A coat of white paint brightened it up and coordinates with the vanity. I even painted the dark brown baseboards white. I found the trick of caulking the gap between the baseboard and the wall to make a seamless "canvas" to paint. (do I even dare think about painting all the woodwork in the house white?)

I still need to get a new white countertop and faucet. I'll also have to look for a new kleenex box holder. My son, Matt, wants to install some new pure white electrical switches/wallplates. After we get the new counter/faucet, I plan in framing the mirror with some white trim. I'll also need a small something for the wall to decorate. It can't be a framed print (too much moisture), or anything that sticks too far out into the room. Maybe some type of wooden painting/sign?

So, for a little over $100 so far (and a lot of time), it looks like a new room. The biggest expense will be a new counter and faucet ~ the faucet being the most expensive item to purchase. Now to think about getting started on the upstairs bathroom....

Earlier this week, I caught another squirrel and relocated it. This was the one who was really determined to chew through the screens on our deck and build a nest. I haven't seen any more trying to get in, so I"m hoping that's all we have to catch.

It's suppose to warm up here in the Chicago area this weekend ~ I can't wait!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Hey, how about a tiled piece of art? My brother got me a really nice angel made of tile one year. You can sometimes find old tiles at antique stores or flea markets...add a little bracket and you're good to go. The tile would hold up even better than wood.

Michele said... looks fabulous! You did such a good job! And to think most people gut their bathrooms and start over, spending thousands of dollars (I can't even imagine spending money like that on a bathroom!)...look what you did for $100! Love it! =0)

Unknown said...

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