Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Easter baskets are filled and ready for tomorrow. My teens think they are too old (ok, 2 older boys think they are too old) for Easter baskets. My daughter doesn't think she's too old, and will take any candy. My 10 year old has a huge list of everything he wants in his basket (hope he isn't disappointed). My kids decided that the fake grass that I use to put in the bottom of the baskets was too messy, and didn't want it this year. So, just plain buckets so they can get to the candy ~ and quickly! I have a feeling that it will be their breakfast before church tomorrow morning.

Yesterday the kids were off school, so that meant I had the day off work, too. I worked on another rug (just like the last one). I started it on Wednesday evening at a local quilt shop. There was a rug hooking class, and I went just to sit in (I had already taken the class). There aren't any hooking groups around here, but it's fun to see what others are making. I switched the wool on the house on my project. It looks really spotted in the photo (from the flash), but it's a very light shading in the wool (not spots). It's easier doing the same project again. I'm just learning how to go around curves, fill in smaller spaces, and fill in shapes like stars. I'm doing this in hand cut 1/4" strips, so it's primitive. It might look/work up differently with narrower strips, but I do like the prim look when it's done.

Today was a bit of yard work. I started putting out all the mulch we had delivered from the Boy Scouts. Only a few more bags to go. The weather has been so cold and rainy, I haven't even wanted to be outside until today. It's sure better than the snow we had a week ago!

I hope you all have a joyous Easter!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Your house looks great so far. I don't have a hooking group either. I've thought of trying to start one. Maybe the quilt shop you go to would offer one. I also love to see what others are working on.

Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Those buckets look good. I don't remember my parents being so generous with the sweets... Thanks so much for coming to class! It was nice to have you there, as a more experienced hooker with another project going. You added a lot. Good luck with finding a cutter. I will keep an eye out, though I just checked and found no bargains anywhere. Let's keep in touch! ;-D

Cheryl said...

I still gave Liz an Easter basket since she came home for two days. It had some candy and the latest Harry Potter release on Blue Ray. It's fun to get little stuff! I used to put in little lotions or body mist, socks, and small gift cards. This time the Harry Potter movie took the place of the little stuff.

I actually bought the Harry Potter movie as a bundle. I'm keeping the DVD, Liz gets the Blue Ray movie and special features discs, and I e-mailed Kate the code for the digital copy. (She'll have to wait to download it until the next time she goes into Lancaster.)