Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

It's spring break this week. I finished hooking this mini rug, but still need to bind it. I want to do a couple more, just to get use to getting all the loops even. I found some extra monks cloth pieces at a local shop, so that I have some background for small projects.

This week I want to tackle some household projects while the hubby is on a business trip. The upstairs bathroom really needs some work. The white tile floor had cracked/missing grout. I filled some in, but of course, the grout color didn't match. The old was just a cement color. I used some grout refresh to change the color of grout to white. Now that it's dried, it really looks nice! It did take 2 coats, but it really brightens the room.

Since I liked the results of the floor, I started on the shower tile. I used a wall paper steamer to steam clean the tile/grout. It took off the hard water/mineral stains that cleaners didn't remove. I used the same grout refresh to brighten the grout tiles. It's looking like a new room. I need to replace the vanity top/sink/faucets. I saw some wooden counters in photos with a drop in sink that looked really nice. I need to shop around to see if I can find something cut for me. Now to start the lower level bathroom.

My son, Matt, has been busy replacing the doorknobs in the house. I found a deal at Menards, and with a rebate, it came out to $2 per knob. Our old ones were worn, broken, and an ugly Mediterrean style. I'm now thinking of adding trim to the doors, and painting all the woodwork white this summer. Too many ideas, I just need more time/money! :-)

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~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Um...can you come over to my house after you're done and tackle the projects here? You are amazing, girl!! You're gearing me up for painting a room during April break!

Patty Sumner said...

I love the idea of molding on the doors and painting them white...go for it! Blessings!

WoolenSails said...

Your bathroom is a lot like mine, but my tub is on the wall instead of the end. Makes it tough to redo with a nice big jet tub. So for now, I have to live with my ugly 70's bathroom style;)


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wow what a great job you did on the grout.
Your hooked rug looks very nice.