Friday, May 21, 2010

The latest fad

No, the latest fad that I'm talking about isn't this punch needle piece. I still need to finish the piece and finish the hornbook. Since the weather will be so warm this weekend, it might be a good project to complete. Andrew and Matt are going on a scout campout to the Indiana Dunes ~ couldn't ask for nicer weather! Rachel and James each have activities tomorrow, so I might have a few hours of quiet around here. :-)

The latest fad that has officially hit our area is rubber band bracelets. Not just ordinary rubber bands, but ones shapes as animals, dinosaurs, submarines, guitars, and many other. I had to get James a package this week, so that he wouldn't be left off the latest craze.

I just received my first bracelet today - a yellow duck. I better get myself a package or two so that I can trade with the kids at lunch. I'm sure teachers just "love" having all the kids play with their bracelets all day during school! :-) Now we need to find the store that carries the ones shaped like tanks and submarines. I don't know why they are the latest fad, but they are.

Have a great weekend!

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