Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where have I been?

Where have I been? No, I haven't been buried in a pile of rubber band bracelets. Just the end of the year activities. My three 8th graders (Andrew, Matt and Rachel) graduated from jr high last Friday evening. They all went to the 8th grade dance the night before graduation. Even Andrew went to the dance, although he doesn't dance or listen to "pop" music - only rock. But they all had fun.

They had to wear graduation gowns to the ceremony. It was in the high school gym, which was NOT air conditioned. Of course, it was hot and humid. So, lots of hot people sitting in the bleachers.

On Friday, it was the last day of 4th grade for James. He now goes to a grade center school for 5-6th grade. To celebrate the end of 4th grade, the kids had a breakfast for the parents. During the breakfast, the students had a mini concert with their recorders.

Here's James in the school cafeteria. The same place where I worked as a lunch supervisor every day. This school is closing forever, so it was a very sad day. I was fortunate that I am keeping my small part time job for next year, but at a different school. There's not too many part time jobs, so I'll keep it. I had been spending some time searching, but I don't want to work full time. Some part time is up to 30 hrs per week, which is too much for now. School hrs will be shorter next year, so James will get out at 2:30. My high schoolers (I'm too young to have 3 freshmen in high school) won't get home until after James, so I need to be home for him. I'm happy that I have a job, know when I'll start. Plus 2 other co-workers will be going to another school with me. At least some familiar faces!

I have had no time for crafting, but hope to get to some next week. This week is filled with dentist & doctor appointments (gotta get those high school physicals done). I also have a list filled with household projects to get done this summer. Don't know how many I'll actually accomplish, but I'll try! :-)

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