Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday photos

Here's some photos from today's viewing. This morning, the foxes were out, and we saw 4 pups! I couldn't get all 4 at the same time, as they were running around the yard. This is the smallest one. He has more black markings on his legs than the others. I wish I could keep him as a pet (but I won't, as it's a wild animal. I won't feed them, either).
This guy came out from under the shed with something in it's mouth. You can click on any of the photos (then click on it again to really supersize it). It sure looks like a chipmunk for lunch!
Here he is walking away with it still in it's mouth. I cropped the photo, and it looks like it's two chipmunks.

Needless to say, I didn't get much punching done today. I spent more time in the cold outdoors taking photos and video. I also spent 2 hours outside at James' baseball game. It only felt like 37 degrees - brrrr! His team got creamed, but no one seemed to mind. I think they all wanted to go home and keep warm. :-)

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