Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving on out

I haven't seen our foxes since the big rain last week. I think the pups were big enough and are on their own. It will now be difficult to see the grown ups, as they mainly come out at night. It sure was fun watching them for a few days! I'm hoping next year, we'll have more.

I started some more candle mats for a change of pace. Instead of using coffee and vanilla to distress them, I'm going to try something different and use walnut ink. I still need to finish 2 more, then age them all at once. I'm also using pearl cotton on the button hole edging for something different. In the past I've used 3 strands of floss, but the pearl cotton gives it a bit more texture.

Last Friday the kids had a half day of school. We took a drive to my parent's house to deliver a late Mother's Day flower. Since they live in Mt. Prospect, I wasn't sure if we could get there. It was Lee DeWyze's hometown stop for American Idol. We had to drive past Arlington Park Race Track along the way, where he gave a concert to the lucky 41,000 people. These are the stands hours ahead of time, as the horse racing finished. I couldn't go to the parade, as my youngest had baseball practice. But we saw the hi-lights on the news. Now to watch the show tomorrow night to see if my niece is shown. She managed to get tickets to the concert and was close up to the stage.

Only 9 days left of work until the end of school, and then the school is closing. I'm keeping my eyes open for part time employment, but the market isn't too good without driving far. I have sent my resume to several places, but no calls yet. I'm wondering how many hundreds of applicants they get for each job posting. But for now, I'll try to get more crafts done. I still need to finish a punch project that will be adhered to a hornbook. The punch part is completed, I just need to sand and paint the hornbook. Maybe that will be a good project, as I have the day off tomorrow! :-)

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