Friday, September 26, 2008

Matt's pillow

Matt wanted to show off his new pillow that he made in FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class in school. The kids were allowed to use an embroidery sewing machine on the front of the pillows. Then they had to sew the sides, turn, stuff, and whip stitched closed. He had problems with the whip stitch, but he's never sewn by hand (that's what mom is for). I'll have to take a photo of Rachel's pillow.

I started my new job this week as a "lunch lady" at school. I'm training at the jr high, which is REALLY embarrassing for my older boys. Rachel will actually come up and say hi. I'll then be a substitute and go to all the schools. But it's school hours/school days, so I don't have to worry about summers. After not having a lot of work from my marketing job, they finally sent over work. So, it's kept me quite busy all week. Glad it's Friday so I can catch up on cleaning and grocery shopping.

Haven't had much time to craft this week. The kids have had homework, and I'm dealing with Rachel's ADD and school (not much fun). Tonight I'm going to try some punch needle. I found a wonderful free pattern from Primitive Betty's that I copied on weaver's cloth. Now to pick out some floss and punch my frustrations away!

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