Saturday, September 20, 2008


What a GREAT day! Beautiful weather, sunny skies, and the Cubs win the central division! We're going to the playoffs. I usually don't watch them on tv, rather I listen on the radio. Gotta love the Pat and Ron show on WGN. Ron Santo is SO emotional about the games - all he wants is for the Cubbies to win.

Had to go and buy some non skid work shoes for my new job on Monday. I'm going to be a substitute food service worker at school (any of the elem schools). They will use me whatever days I choose, so I can keep my other side jobs and my Bible study one day a week. I had sent resumes for other office jobs, but they aren't flexible for summer hours. So, I opted to turn office work down, as my kids are more important. I told my older kids that they could ignore me if they see me (way too embarrassing for mom to work in the cafeteria!). At least this job is school hours and school days. It's a few more hours than being a lunchroom supervisor, too.

Ran to Joann to purchase some craft supplies. The kids wanted to clay, so they got Sculpey clay to play with. I got feathers and black buttons to finish a bunch of unfinished projects.

On the way home, we saw some hot air balloons. There is a balloon port in the next town over, so it's a common sight for us. Haven't seen that many this summer, but tonight I saw four.

Off to clean up the kitchen and craft!

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