Friday, September 21, 2012


I dropped my son off at school for band tonight, and quickly stopped into a local thrift store. I was searching for cheap wool. I didn't find anything cheap enough, but.....

I did find this red and white vintage quilt. The top photo shows only half of the quilt. It was all bundled up with tape in the store, so I wasn't sure what the entire piece would look like. I paid for it, got it home, and unrolled it.  I found a good one! Yes, it's worn, and tattered on the edges, but I only paid....    $4.01 for it!

I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, or sell it. But, my daughter told me to keep it. So, I think I will.

I went back back for the half time show. Thankfully, it stopped raining. Now that half time is over, it can continue to rain. My lawn sure needs it.

This weekend I have some crafts to do. I have a board to transform into a sign for the foyer. I also need to start some Christmas ornaments. It's also the weekend Country Folk Art Show in St. Charles, IL. It's a smaller show, but it's all folk art. There's even going to be a rug hooker there! I'll try to take some photos (with permission) and post them.

~*~ Laura ~*~