Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trees and turtles

I started the trees this week, but didn't get too far. I came down with a cold last weekend ~ just 3 days of being in school. Ugh. I guess this is the year that I start getting a flu shot since I work around little kids all day. I'm trying to give the trees a lot of color, and keep the downward swooping of branches. Hopefully I'll get a little more done this weekend.

 I took Chuck outside to walk around the yard. He had fun sniffing some leaves. So, I took a pail full of them, and put them in his bind. He loved them! He likes to bury himself, and hear the crunching of the leaves.
 He did peek his head out a bit for the photo!

Another job this weekend is to move some pictures around the living room. I rearranged the furniture after we sold the piano. Now to put some more holes in the walls and patch the old ones. It's nice to get the extra space, as no one was playing the piano anymore. I figure someone else could use it, so why not get rid of it. (thought I have to admit, it was a nice storage place for my frame and rug)

Have to great Labor Day weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Pendleton Primitives said...

Yes do get your flu shot. We stay sick when the kids are in school.....lots of water and vitamins and hand sanitizer :(