Saturday, September 22, 2012



I've been wanting to re-do my foyer. I never liked the look of the wreath on the tall wall going down the stairs. It just looked , well.... like a wreath tacked up. I want to accent the height of the wall by adding a 6 foot wood sign. I haven't seen any, or any 6 foot boards at thrift stores that I could rehab.

 So, off to Menards to get a piece of wood. Wood that already is cut - no saw needed.

I painted the base coat a light beige. The same beige that I'm going to test out on the walls. It's a Benjamin Moore color called Bleeker Beige. I really liked the color on the wood. It's light, not pinky, and not yellowy.

I used some 4" letter stencils to say "WELCOME to the FRIENDS est 1991".  When the lettering was dry, I taped 1/2" away from the edges, and painted a border. I then lightly sanded, and stained the top and sides.
I'll add a saw tooth hanger when it's dry. Then it's ready to hang. A nice inexpensive sign. All I had to pay for was the wood. The rest I already had around the house.

~*~ Laura ~*~

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