Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I won!

Yesterday, I entered a giveaway on Maria Barton's blog http://starrugcompany-maria.blogspot.com/. The giveaway was to promote her new website of wonderful rug hooking patterns! I can't believe, but I won my favorite pattern ~ Winter Walk. http://www.starrugcompany.com/Winter_WinterWalk.html . This rug is 19x31, so it will be bigger. I'm going to have to put some careful thought into color planning, and dying the wool, as I want this one to be a piece to hang on the family room wall. Hop on over to Maria's new website and check out her other wonderful patterns!

Thanks SO much, Maria!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Karen said...

Adorable snowmen. Looks like a big project in your future.

Gayle said...

Congrats on being the lucky winner - that pattern is adorable!