Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's blocked and almost ready to bind! I did re-hook a few small sections, as I wasn't happy with the hooking. I can tell the sections that I did first, as my hooking as become more even. But with everything, it's a learning process.

Here's a different view of the spring runner that I'm currently working on. The greens don't show up well in this photo, but there's a little more variation in the leaves. I took my project to the hooker's gathering on Saturday, and was able to finish all the scallops on the border. Now to start the background, and decide on an outer border. This one is on linen, and I'm really liking linen instead of monks cloth. It's bit easier to see the spaces. It also seems to not work as tightly, even though I hook in every other hole for both monks cloth and linen. Debbie's rug is turning out entirely different than mine, and it was fun to see the difference. (I forgot to bring a camera, as I've been battling another cold this week)

It's officially spring break for me! One of my boys is currently in Disney World with the high school band. He's been keeping me updated on what he's doing, and even gave me a phone call today at lunch. :) It's a big deal for him, as it was his first airline trip and first trip to Disney. He said it's VERY crowded (unfortunately). But, it sounded like he's having a great time. I'm going to spend the week searching for a job. I love my job as a kindergarten aide, but at minimum wage, I only make $8000 per year. I think I'm ready to find something that pays more. I'm hoping the job market has picked up a bit, as I'm ready!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Caths Pennies Designs said...

Absolutely beautiful! :)

Kim said...

Your hooking projects look great. I just found your blog and am a new follower.