Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Punch Projects

This little punch needle mat just needs some finishing. It's already punched, aged with walnut ink, and edged with some cording. But, it kinda plain by itself and needs to be adhered to something, but still am deciding on what.

In the meantime, I stated fall punch project. Normally I punch using 6 strands of floss, but my medium size Cameo needle broke. Not the metal part of the needle, but the plastic part of the top of it. I do have to say it lasted for a LONG time, and was able to do many projects. It was probably time to get a sharp new one. So, while I"m waiting for my new needle to arrive, I'm using a small needle with 3 strands for this project. It's finer in texture/appearance, but it's still prim in colors. I already have a finishing idea for this one ~ something that I haven't done before. (you'll have to wait and see!)

I have a few boxes almost ready to go from some Ebay sales. I'll be using this craft money towards a purchase of a wool cutter for rug hooking. I'm hoping to get one this summer. A new one. Nothing used. I had gotten an old one off Ebay, but it didn't work. I ordered a new cutter head, but that didn't work, either. The machine ended up breaking in half ~ literally. So, if anyone else is looking into purchasing a wool cutter, don't buy it until you try it, or from a reputable rug hooker. I guess I learned by lesson the hard way!

My older 3 teens have officially completed drivers ed. Here in IL, they need to have their permits for 9 months, plus get 50 hours EACH of driving. At least I don't have to worry about paying for car insurance yet. They now need to find things to occupy themselves for the rest of the summer.

Hope all had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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adailydoseoffiber said...

Ikea sells some very nice shadowbox frames in black or white. I think the small size is 8"x8". That might be fun with a fabric or paper background. Love the cat, of course! Halloween is such a fun holiday to make things for! Just went to PG yesterday to choose a new rug hooking project for the Fall. They are buying a cutter so if you buy the fabric there, you can use it. Having that will be great for classes as everyone can choose exactly the wool they want.