Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday happenings

I haven't been punching much this week. Between running kids around, I just lost some energy to craft. But, I worked a little more on this piece. I changed some of the green colors from the original pattern, and am changing the background from ecru to black. The black really makes the other colors stand out. Now that I'm done finishing the parts with all the color changes, the background should go quickly. Maybe I'll work on this while I'm watching the ice skating on tv this afternoon.

Sorry, the photo was taken through my deck screen. The snow has moved by the shed. That only means one thing - - - they're back! No, not the aliens ~ the foxes. I'm really hoping to see more pups this spring. That is if spring ever gets here. We're expecting a winter storm Tues/Wednesday. We'll see if the storm materializes or not. But, if it's snowing, Woodstock Willie (our resident groundhog) won't see his shadow, so it will mean an early spring. Woodstock is where the film Groundhog Day was filmed. They now have some Groundhog Day events in the town square. Too bad Feb 2 is a school day, or I would drive out there to see Willie.

Big new this weekend ~ James won the pinewood derby for the Webelos II den! He's never won before, so he was thrilled to win during his last Cub Scout pinewood derby.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Beautiful punching. Congratulations to James on winning. Hope you get some warmer days soon.
You had asked about what yarn I use...sometimes 100%wool and sometimes I mix in. There is so much wonderful yarns to choose from :)

Michele said...

I hope Willie sees his shadow!! I just taped Groundhog Day...I love that movie but am waiting to watch it until this week. I didn't know it was filmed near fun!
I hope the foxes are back...they were so cute! So is James, btw! =0)

Patty Sumner said...

Your handiwork is beautiful as always! Snow, snow, snow, will it ever stop? I guess we will just have to hunker down and pray for Spring to arrive soon.....Blessings!