Sunday, November 14, 2010

*~* SNoWMeN!! *~*

I've been busily working on finishing 5 sets of snowmen bowl fillers ~ and I finished them! I plan on getting them on Ebay later tonight. It takes a while to get photos, crop, edit, upload and create the Ebay listings. Plus, I have to kick a couple of my kids off the computer so that I can use it. :-)
I have 2 sets of star snowmen. Each set has 3 ornies, and are very lightly aged with walnut ink and generously sprinkled with mica flakes.

I have 2 sets of snowmen face bowl fillers. One set has larger bead/coal eyes. This set above has medium bead/coal eyes.

A set of larger snowmen with ice branch arms. It's a coated wire FTD floral product, so it won't break like real twigs. Plus, I can bend them into the shape I desire.

I also finished this Christmas stitchery pillow. I had stitched it last year, but never finished it. This is my absolute favorite Christmas stitchery pattern by Homeberries.

While I've been crafting away, I had a new kitchen faucet installed yesterday. I guess nothing is made to fix. It's more work/$ to get parts than it is to replace the entire faucet. I'm thankful that I found someone to install it, and get an estimate for the soffit/facia. Now to get that fixed before it snows.

We didn't get any of the snow that the upper midwest got yesterday, but that's fine with me. It was just cold and rainy for the last high school football game of the year. Our team lost in over time, so they are out of the playoffs. :-( That means marching band is officially done for the year. But, next is pep band for basketball games.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
~*~ Laura ~*~


WoolenSails said...

Catching up on all of the wonderful things you have been making lately. I really like the wool ornaments that you did, is that your pattern idea? I have been wanting to make small ones for my little trees and that is the perfect look and size.


appleberrycottage said...

The wool ornies are a pattern by Little Stitches. She showed different color wool backgrounds, but since I had more black wool, that's what I went with. They are easy, and use scraps. I've even thought about not making them primitive, but more traditional by not having the black stitching. I just need more time! :-)