Thursday, November 11, 2010

Punch Needle Finishes

I liked the last punch needle turkey SO much, that I finished another one ~ just in time to put up for bid before Thanksgiving. This one I made into a cupboard hanger. It's backed with a piece of hand dyed soft black wool. It has a string of buttons on the left, and a walnut aged tag on the right. LOTS of color changes and blending on this piece! I'm going to get some better photos, and put it up for bid on Ebay tonight (unless anyone wants to send me an offer by tonight, then I would gladly sell it outright).

I also finished a punch needle mitten ~ perfect to leave up all winter. I punched the sheep with 2 different needle heights to give it a little more definition. This piece is also backed with a piece of hand dyed soft black wool. You could put an evergreen branch or sweet annie to fill the mitten. (I like to leave it up to who's buying it, as some might be allergic to dried flowers) I'm also going to put this one up for bidding on Ebay tonight (unless someone wants to send an offer ~ I know I'm not giving a lot of time)

When I haven't been punching this week, I'm lined up someone to come fix me kitchen faucet that's leaking all over. He's also going to look at our aluminum trim that was torn off in the wind storm. The trim is still hanging there, but I don't think it would last all winter when the snow and ice come.

I've also spent a lot of time looking for a new part time job. I'm only working 10 hrs a week, and would like to find something with a few more hours (Ok, and a little more $), but still a little flexible for school schedules. I've seen a few ads, but nothing has come of them. Anyone want to hire me for administrative work? :-)

I'll also be listing (hopefully) some snowman bowl fillers on Ebay this weekend. I have several different sets sewn and stuffed. I need to do the finishing part now. I have some large snowmen, star snowmen, and some round snowman face bowl fillers. It's hard to work on snowmen when it's been SO nice outside this week. The temps have been in the 60's ~ and it's November!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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flutterbygone's said...

BEAUTIFUL needle punch projects!!! All the more inspiration for me to do some!!!!