Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been punching this week. The first project is an order for a fall black cat and pumpkin bowl fillers. The other is this snow angel that I'm still working on. I did this pattern last year, but with a light blue background. In an attempt to be daring and try something different, I changed the background to a mixture of dark floss. I think it makes the snow angel stand out. I'll see how I like it once it's all finished. I do like some of the color combinations to achieve an overdyed appearance. I mix 2 different colors of DMC and punch them at the same time. Some are just a very stuble shading, but it really brings some interest to the piece.

In between crafting and my school lunch mom job, I've been searching for a new place of employment. Ideally, it would be 15 hrs a week and close by. So, when I found and ad for a part time office assistant, I excitedly sent off my resume. I received a call for an interview, so I went.

I arrived a little before my scheduled appointment and entered the front door. The person sitting at the front desk had about as much enthusiasm as a rock ~ literally. No smile. No "hello". (gee, do you think she likes her job in a small office?) This was my first sign that it was going to be an "interesting" interview. I was let in the door, and told "follow me" to a conference room looking like it came from the 1970's.

The person who interviewed me was not from this country. That's not an issue, unless you don't understand our language/lingo. I was asked about my math/accounting background. I mentioned that I have a BA, which included an accounting class, plus many business classes. Plus years of experience in various admin jobs. (I thought this was all positive) I was then asked if I count on my fingers or use a calculator. (um, where is this leading? Does it really matter?) I answered that I use a calculator. I was then asked, not only once, but TWICE, if I count on my fingers AND if i counted on one hand or two hands. The person even held up his hands to show me. (at this point I was waiting for Candid Camera to jump on out. Who asks this type of question? My son said I should have said I count on my toes! ). I was then asked why I would want to leave my current job. I mentioned the environment (schools closing, possibility of another one closing, layoffs, etc). The language barrier (he didn't get the lingo) then was VERY apparent, and he thought I said environment. Like in environmental allergies. Do I stop and correct him? I couldn't even ask a question, as he kept talking. (yep, I just wanted to get out of there ~ and quickly!). At the end, I finally was able to ask a question. I asked when they were looking to hire someone; December or possibly January? I'm thinking with Thanksgiving and Christmas, they might be searching ahead of time. Nope. Monday. As in 6 days. Well, that eliminates me (thankfully), as they wouldn't want to wait for at least a 2 week notice at my current job. They haven't called me back. I'm SO disappointed ~ NOT! :-)

I'm not sure which direction to take for jobs. Do I start some type of online business? If so, what? How do I go about getting wholesale products without having to buy/store lots of stuff? Lots of questions. But for now, I'll just keep punching and keep my eyes open for other possibilities. Who knows, maybe I was on candid camera and just didn't' know it!

~*~ Laura ~*~


dee begg said...

The snowman looks like it should be so cute when you get it finished.

As for the job, hmmm...that's tough with this economy. I guess I would keep looking til you find the right one. At least you have a job now, and weren't in the position to have to take a less than ideal one, and the one you interviewed for sounded less than ideal. Maybe that why the gal out front was Miss Grumpypants. Anyway, that's still no excuse to not be friendly to someone. Good luck searching. As for an online business. I sell online and have been for the last 6 years. It takes time to build up. Maybe you can start now with an eye to making it your job. Good luck.


Michele said...

I am totally laughing just picturing you in that interview. Sounds absolutely dreadful.

As far as the online, it takes time to build up and unfortunately, cash up front...for things like a business license and supplies. Once going, it really does run itself and pay for itself, but that first year is really a leap of faith. I actually didn't go through all the hassle until I was asked by a boutique that wanted to carry my then it seemed worthwhile.

That being have a GORGEOUS product. i wish people on your blog could see in person how truly beautiful your work is. Praying that some answers to your questions about what's next come soon...

Cheryl said...

Ha ha! I think that even tops an interview I had a few years ago for a teaching position in Bannockburn. The principal said they had a lot of children belonging to Trinity seminary students and thought I would be able to relate well to "those people." Then her cell phone started ringing. It was her school-age son asking about some of the birds on her bird feeder. She then explained that the spirits of her dead ancestors inhabit the birds that visit the feeder, and her son wasn't sure if the cardinal was his dead aunt or grandmother. Okaaaay. They ended up not opening up the teaching position and going with one large class instead of two smaller classes.