Friday, February 20, 2009

New chair cushions!

It arrived today! These are my new seat cushions. Ok, it's just the high density foam with dacron. I will need to cut the boards now, then assemble. No big hurry since we can't use the deck for a while. It's going to snow.

Today was my first day as ice cream cashier. It was, well, interesting. I hadn't been to this school before. Had no training. Just showed up, and was pointed to the ice cream freezer and a sign with the prices. I collected money from the kids. Some didn't bring enough money for what they wanted, then I ran out of the cheaper juice bars. So a few kids weren't able to purchase anything since they didn't have enough money. The next school on Monday runs things differently. I don't handle the money at this school, just let the kids choose depending on how much money they brought in. We'll see how long I last in this job! I'll keep my eyes open for other opportunities. If I really hate the job, I can always go back to the childcare jobs.

Now to wait for the snow.... *******

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