Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have a lot of unfinished objects (UFO's) around here. I'm getting closer to finishing this one. Only a little more of the background to go.

 This wool applique table runner has been unfinished for, gulp, a year. I kept it as a project to take along. No reading directions. I finished stitching the basket and flowers, just needed to button hole stitch the backing to the front.

I've been browsing and debating on Christmas ornies to make for this year. I want to get them done before Thanksgiving, so time is getting short. I started playing around with some leftover wool, using a pattern by Buttermilk Basin. I shrunk the pattern down, and they only are about 4" tall. Since I shrunk the pattern, the moon and star are just too much for the small area. I might change it bit on the next one. The handle will be different, too. I have another idea for the top edge, but need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. Then to make 2 dozen of them. Guess I"ll be busy!

I had Friday off of work, as it was a teacher institute day. (aides don't work) I finished stitching my table runner. It's not on the living room table (which is an antique cedar chest).

Homecoming for the high school was Saturday. Two of my three went to the dance. This is the only photo I got of the boys. They went to someone else's house for some photos.

The boys wouldn't let me take photos, so I went on a walk this afternoon at the local conservation area. My other 2 kids came along.

Rachel and I were taking photos. She's taking a photography class in school, and is always needing photos for the next project. Of course she had to critique a few of my photos and tell me to edit them!

I still have one more day off school for Columbus Day. Hopefully it will be a productive day!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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