Saturday, August 11, 2012


Got a bit further, but am too tired to do any more today.

Andrew had his Eagle Scout project today. He chose to replace 3 fishing benches and level the land at a county conservation area. This is what it looked like before. At least the old benches were already removed.

Had to square up the area and lay down some webbing. Dig post holes for the benches. Install the benches. Get LOTS of wheelbarrows full of gravel/dirt to fill in the webbing.

This is the new bench in area #1.

 Area #2.

And area #3. There wasn't enough gravel to fill it in, so Andrew will have to go back when they deliver more to that area.

I got a photo of my crew (plus one extra). We did have more help during the day, but for some reason, they were in a hurry to get home! Maybe there were as tired as we were.

I'm off to get dinner. Subway leftovers from lunch. I think that will be lunch for tomorrow, too!

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