Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Even more progress! Guess I've spent quite a few hours watching the Olympics and hooking this week. The background is really coming along nicely.  The rug is getting heavier, bulkier as I'm turning it on my frame.

This weekend is Andrew's Eagle Scout project. He's restoring a fishing area at a local conservation district. Replacing 3 fishing benches. He got the lumber today. At least the weather is suppose to be nice on Saturday  - only 78 degrees. I get the job of providing lunch to the volunteers. I'm thinking sub sandwiches, chips, drinks, etc. Now to see if any places give discounts for Eagle projects.

School starts for me in only 2 more weeks. While I like the structure of having to be somewhere, I'm not quite ready to go back. I've been job hunting for full time employment this summer, but no offers (yet). I've read the average time of job hunting is 9 months, so I'll just keep searching.   :)

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Kim said...

The rug looks great. It's been too hot to hook here lately. I'm looking forward to the cooler "hooking" weather :)